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Why should startups setup base in Tier II cities like Mohali?


Mohali is very near to Chandigarh as a result of which more and more startup companies are planning to set up offices in this city. It is not very crowded and there are ample options for companies to start up their offices here. So if you are planning to start up a new company, Mohali is the best available option for you. And, here are the reasons why it is a wise idea to set up base in Mohali if you are the owner of a startup:

Mohali being a tier II city is not very crowded. As a result of this, commuting via road does not take a lot of time here. Moreover, Mohali is very close to Chandigarh and is very well connected to this city. So, for your clients or employees, commuting to and from the workplace will never be a hassle.

In metropolitan cities, there are a lot of opportunities for work as a result of which the level of attrition in metro cities is very high. Mohali, being a developing city, the level of attrition is much less which in a way guarantees stability of your startup organization.

In the metropolitan cities, there are options galore due to which the rents and lease fee for commercial property is usually on the higher side. This however is not the case in tier II cities. So, you save up a lot on the money spent on rent.

There is a vast talent pool in this city. So opening up an office here will ensure that you will be able to get lot of skilled and talented people to work for you. There is no shortage for labor in this city.

Since more and more companies are opening up offices in Mohali, this city is also becoming one of the best destinations for investments in residential projects. So, if you have the means and can invest in a residential property in this city, here is a list of benefits that you can expect to enjoy:

Mohali is located at the foot hills of the Shivalik range and is surrounded by green bounties. So, every project that comes up here still enjoys proximity to nature.

This city is located adjacent to the city of Chandigarh, and is very well connected with the Chandigarh airport. Not only is it well connected to the city of Chandigarh but all sectors of Mohali are also well connected with each other which make commuting hassle free.

Most of the residential projects of Mohali have round the clock security.

The project developers in Mohali ensure that their buildings are quake safe.

Most of the residential projects in Mohali have schools, Health Care Centers, market places nearby, which makes life very convenient for the residents of this place.

The properties also have open spaces and jogging tracks, which makes it possible for the residents here to have a healthy life.

Investing in a Mohali property can get you a very good deal but it is very important, that you invest in one which has been developed by one of the best property developers of the region. This will further give you the peace of mind of living in well-constructed and planned gated community.

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