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The Secret Danger Of DIY Carpet Cleaning


Everybody loves the freshness of a newly-cleaned carpet. When your carpet is clean, the entire house will feel fresh and reborn. You will feel the entire atmosphere of the home becoming cleaner. The guests that visit your home will also feel welcome and comfortable when you have a clean carpet for them to walk on. If you have dirty carpet, you might notice guests hesitating for a split second before stepping barefoot on your carpeted floor. Guests will then have a negative impression of you and how you manage your home. Of course, no homeowner would like to be in that situation.

Frequent carpet cleaning is necessary especially if you live in a home with a lot of active members – kids and pets included. Kids and pets don’t really pay attention to the carpet and they will come and go as they please, bringing dirt and spreading dirt particles on your carpet fibers. Pets can even contaminate your carpet with urine and fur. You definitely need regular carpet cleaning. There are many Calgary carpet cleaning companies that offer you various Calgary cleaning services. They can provide safe carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for you. However, calling them often will cost you some money – it adds up. You may be tempted to do the DIY carpet cleaning option. Is it really the right option for you, though? What risks are in store for you in your DIY carpet cleaning scheme?

When you do DIY carpet cleaning, you will probably go beyond the usual vacuuming. You can actually go to the store that helps in DIY carpet cleaning and there, you can rent a cleaning machine and get the detergents – the ultimate starter pack for DIY carpet cleaning. However, after an entire day of slaving for your carpet, you might find out that the results are not exactly what you wanted or expected.

You might notice the following issues:

1. The Carpet is not clean enough – the machines you can rent from the store will be smaller and it won’t be what professional carpet cleaning experts use. The smaller machines are simpler, with weaker vacuuming power. This means it won’t leave your carpet as clean as you might expect.

2. Damp carpet – your inexperience and the fact that the carpet cleaning machines you can borrow are not powerful enough can leave you with a carpet that’s damp for several days. This is a carpet cleaning issue that can get complicated.

3. Molds – due to the fact that your carpet will be left damp for days, mold spores will gather on your carpet quickly – which might cause serious health problems for your company.

4. Overwetting – overwetting the carpet is rather unavoidable because of the poor vacuum capacity of the rental Carpet cleaning machine. Overwetting can cause your carpet to shrink, and become discolored. Your carpet will be soiled again quickly too after it loses its protective layers from overwetting.

Do you think the money you save is worth the risk? We believe that professional carpet cleaning is still the best option for you.

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