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Project Management Made Easy With Pal Software
Pal Software is a project management consulting firm that offers assistance to business leaders to utilize productive project management practices that drive operational efficiency and enhance performance. With our approach, organizations, startup businesses, and individuals can expect high-impact and high-value solutions that are measurable and provide sustainable results.
Our Approach
* Requirement Gathering & Analysis
Our team will first gather your requirements and based around it, we will conceptualize a custom plan for your needs. Once you give us a heads-up, we will start working around it.
* R&D
Since we cater to different industry and different verticals therein, we do complete research about your product/service before initiating the kickoff meeting.
* The “Kickoff Meeting”
Before taking up any project for management, we establish a working relationship with our would-be client. The kickoff meeting provides us the requisite impetus to move forward and gathers the requirements.
* Consistent Delivery
We follow a rigorous talent acquisition process along with keeping an eye of our project engagements. Together, they provide constant assurance to receive timely delivery.
* Bug Verification & Fixing
Encountered a bug at your end? Do not worry! We can help with that. We provide you with completely tested products, but in undue circumstances, if you spot a bug, let us know. We will fix it quickly.
* Program Reviews
We provide the status on accomplishments to ensure that client is satisfied with the activities undertaken.
* Integrate Industry-Best Practice
To deliver our clients the best, we focus on quality. Our consultants are equipped with the requisite knowledge, vertical industry depth, experience, software, and tools to deliver the specific offering.

Our Experts Help You With JIRA, SCRUM, Kanban, Microsoft Project
Project Management with JIRA is effortless and it keeps your team organized at all times. It is thus, one of the most widely used platforms for software development. Manufactured by Atlassian, it offers a mobile interface that can easily integrate with your email. You can share a file or access on the go. It tracks task from start to finish and managers love it because it ensures quality and easy-to-use features.

Stuck in a complex project? Scrum is there to help, an agile framework for any innovative and complex product development project. So, a development team using Scrum works as a single unit to reach the common goal, fighting challenges that come their way and self-organize by a close online collaboration of all the team members.

You can put Kanban to different verticals as it lets you keep a track of the documents, information about your customers and tasks. You can access at any given point of the day. It eliminates redundant work and makes incremental improvements in existing work processes. You can do away with a major overhaul in the project.

* Microsoft Project
Gone are the days when people resorted to Microsoft Excel sheets to manage their projects. Microsoft keeps coming up with new software and this time it is Microsoft Project, the ultimate project management program. With comprehensive Gantt charts, budget management, and milestone tracking, management has really simplified.

Streamline Your Workflow With Project Management Tools
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