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Pony dressage- Understanding the Art of Dressage


Dressage is the basis of all proper riding. Pony dressage teaches the rider to connect to their pony and once its concepts are understood, it can catapult a rider to newer awareness and proficiency. Dressage achieves balance, flexibility, and compliance with the purpose of improving and facilitating the Pony performance of normal tasks. This discipline helps in classiness motion, where every movement made by Pony is choreographed to perfection.

The goal of dressage training is to develop a Pony flexibility, responsiveness and balance with all Pony accessories. This makes Pony stronger and more pleasurable to ride and also keep Pony in shape. For newbies, dressage can be a worthy sport for them whether they choose to compete with others in dressage competition or can aspire to have fun with this sport. Dressage training requires hard work and consists of numerous procedure. Just like in the case of dressing, we use different dresses for Pony in different season which consists of different comfortable layers. Like in summer we use light clothes. Similarly, when winter arrives we use Pony blankets. Nevertheless, these blankets keep Pony warm and healthy in winter.

Dressage is a tough work and need to be learned properly. So, start thinking about looking around at who’s out there that could help. You should be precise while looking for a decent instructor and a suitable place to find them are in famous stables. It is difficult to find the right trainer at first go. So, you don’t have to hesitate, while searching for someone who can tune with you. Learning dressage would be easy if it is best taught by the person you enjoy being with, or with someone, who is experienced and interesting, or with someone you feel you trust him.

If you know your French, the word dressage should give you a clue straight up. Dressage is a French word for training. So it simply means you’re training your horse. The better trained your horse is, the nicer it will be to ride. He/she will:

– Stop exactly when asked so you don’t go galloping out of control onto the main road & into the path of cars.
– Turn on a dime when you ask in the show jumping jump off you want to win, instead of trying to drag you out of the arena gate and back to the horse trailer.
– Move sideways off your legs when out hacking on the road, so your leg doesn’t get ripped off by the barbed wire fence next to you.
– Listen to you more when they have an attack of pre-event nerves. Work through them with a bit of dressage and they’ll soon settle down – they’ll be so busy listening to you they won’t be able to focus so much on what was upsetting them!
The list of benefits from dressage is endless. Dressage forms a perfect bond between you and your pony. In the end, we can say that dressage is the only way to keep your pony in good shape. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to enjoy it, but it’s definitely worth doing. The benefits for you and your Pony are well worth of it.

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