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How to start freelancing and why is it good?


Internet plays a vital role in the lives of people today. Today’s era is the era of internet. Everything you need is just clicks away. If you want to book your tickets (train, bus, theatre etc.), you no longer need to stand in long queue and wait for your turn. Just go to the website and make the payments online and you are done. Want to shop things for daily needs? Not a problem, just go to various shopping sites and shop whatever you wanna shop. The products will be delivered right at your doorsteps. Feeling bored, but can’t go to your friends? Open various social networking websites and start chatting with your friends. Want to learn something new. You can find several tutorial videos flowing on the internet which can help you learn every single aspect of the topic of your interest. Even you can select your perfect match through internet. Simply, the internet has taken the world by storm!

Another boon of internet is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the digital way of promoting or advertising your product or services in front of the public. Digital marketing has several aspects like social media marketing, which involves the promotion of your product or service through the use of social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram etc. Another aspect known as E-mail Marketing, which involves gathering the e-mail addresses of the people and then spamming their products or services to the users through their e-mail addresses.

All these discussions clearly state the importance of internet and its awesome applications in today’s world. Now, we see that internet can be applied in nearly any field, so why not for our career? This is the basic concept of freelancing.

Freelancing is nothing but working for some individual, company or an organization on a temporary basis (generally) for which you get paid. A person who does such kind of job is known as a freelancer. This was what I explained you in the layman terms.

Basically, a freelancer is a self employed person who may or may not be committed to any particular kind of employment on a long term basis. Many freelancers generally work for a short span of time for websites or small organizations, which pay them, depending upon the amount of work done, time spent while performing that work and of course, the quality of work performed.

Basically freelancing has its predominance in the fields of video editing, content writing, copy writing, marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization techniques applicants, business analysis, computer programming, translating, web designs, front end developers (or sometimes back end developers also), making video tutorials on various topics, data entry. If a company which is situated in another country wants to market its goods or products without much investment, they can achieve that by the help of freelancers. Freelancers are cheaper than established professionals. This is also a reason why freelancing has a good scope in near future. But there remains an uncertainty with a freelancer and companies could not trust a freelancer completely and so they cannot ask them to do the work which involves sensitive data of their company or organization. This is a restriction to a freelancer’s job. But there are many opportunities which he can utilize by just sitting at home.

There are many websites through which you can make your account and become a freelancer. Out of these websites, the most popular one is upwork.com where you can easily get a suitable freelancer job matching your profile.

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