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History of trundle beds for kids and folding beds


May 5, 2017

The first trundle beds for kids was invented back in 1900 in the form of a folding closet-bed, and it was William L. Murphy from USA who came up with the idea of such amazingly compact bed. The very first model of a folding bed was mounted to the wall. The ingenious invention is contributed to a quite trivial occasion. The inventor met his wife-to-be in 1900. At that time, he lived in a small one-room apartment. The biggest amount of space in that apartment was occupied by a bed. Puritanism of that time did not allow a well-bred lady to enter a gentleman’s bedroom. Therefore, for the sake of dating with his beloved girl, Murphy created a folding bed. That’s how he turned his bedroom to a living room. To this day, his invention remains incredibly relevant for many young couples. The biggest advantage of trundle beds for kids is that they are very compact when folded. Besides, when you have such bed at home, you can always offer it to your unexpected guests, and that is a much better option than to sleep together with them in your own bed.
Murphy received his patent in the beginning of XX century. By 1918, his folding beds were very popular in San Francisco. Nowadays, all possible and impossible models of cots and trundle beds for kids are widely used all over the world. The history of trundle beds for kids has come a long way. The very first folding bed was not as convenient as the modern trundle beds for kids. The mechanism was not that smooth and quiet. It was not too reliable either.
Today, trundle beds for kids and folding beds are available in the widest range. You can easily find the most durable and comfortable beds made by domestic and European manufacturers. The most popular models of trundle beds for kids are crafted by the Italian furniture makers. The Italian trundle beds for kids are often regarded as the expensive luxury, but at the same time, a trundle bed for kids made in Italy is ultimately convenient, compact, and durable. That’s why such beds are not uncommon these days. A trundle bed for kids is a versatile sleeping accommodation which can be easily deployed in just about any room. The most comfortable trundle beds for kids are an indispensable detail of your interior. They always come in handy when you need to accommodate guests and the number of beds is limited. Due to their design, the trundle beds for kids are very compact when folded. They can fit even in the smallest apartment or house. The mechanism of these beds makes the process of folding/ unfolding very easy. The best models of trundle beds for kids are ideal for daily sleep.


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