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Getting a Dog – Some Important Considerations


If you are considering whether or not to get a dog, you may well think this to be an easy enough decision to make. After all, certainly it is just a matter of deciding "yes" or "no". If only things were that simple. If you answer "no" then it is simple. If you decide to answer "yes" then a variety of other questions arise and these questions need to be considered and answered. Let us suppose you make the decision to acquire a dog.

Today, when it comes time to decide on the type or breed of dog to choose, you feel almost overwhelmed. Dogs come in a wide array of different shapes, sizes, colors, temperaments and skill strengths. It is clearly true to claim that you are bound to find a type of dog to suit your requirements, no matter what those requirements are. Some prospective owners are looking for the company and companionship of a family pet. Others are seeking a dog which is especially intelligent and alert, while others may be intending to show their dog, or may be seeking a good guard dog.

The dog you choose may be a purebred or of mixed breeding, or it may be a beloved "bitzer". Whatever variety you choose, your new dog is bound to find a place in your heart and household and be just right for you. This is not very surprising because most dogs are sociable and willing to become friends and act dependably with any responsible people to what they are properly introduced.

Dogs will automatically adopt the responsibility for guard duties for the household, and astute owners will soon get to recognize the different signals and types of reaction the dog gives, depending on who the dog has heard. They will soon alert you to the approach of family or friends, as well as warn you if the newcomer is a stranger.

For most dog owners, the pleasure and joy and contentment that accompanie ownership always greatly outweigh the inconveniences and sacrifices and added responsibilities that come hand in hand with ownership. Owners gladly furnish their dog with affection and friendship and attention, knowing that they will gain a warm and willing companion in return.

I wish you every training success and years of enjoyment for both you and your dog.

Source by Stanley Pepper