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Enhance the graphics quality of your PC with Best Graphics Card


Jul 16, 2017

Have you ever thought how these images are visible to us on a computer screen? Well, it is possible because of the Graphics cards. Graphics card is a computer hardware which is responsible to produce images on the monitor. But eventually these graphics cards may wear out due to multiple reasons such as heat dissipation, humidity and dirt. This is when you need to buy an external graphics card to enhance the graphics quality and keep the visual activities going on.
If you are facing issues like lock ups and crashes during games or while loading any video, then probably it is the time to get a new graphics card for your laptop/desktop. When it comes to purchasing, Dubizar is the unbeatable destination. UAE is known as the best market to look for electronic goods, but to buy graphic card, UAE customers also consider the platform of Dubizar to be the best place to shop from.
Get the best graphics card
Dubizar is a name that you can trust just like that, but to use any product to its fullest capacity you need to be aware of the specific details like scope, purpose, etc. While in the case of devices for your computers and laptops, you need to check compatibility also. So when you are here at Dubizar to buy a graphics card for pc or laptop, you must go through your system’s manual once to know about the graphics slot type, output ports, power supply required to run the card, memory, number of bits that range from 64-bits to 512-bits and last but not the least bandwidth.
Bandwidth is a very important factor to be considered and you should know that GDDR5 memory provides two times the bandwidth of DDR3 even at the same clock rate. If you want to know the performance of any card, you can through its model number which represent details like GPU, memory bandwidth and clock rates. For excellent gaming experience or high-end video editing, it is recommended to use the highest tier graphics card. These cards consume a lot of power around 600 watts and are pretty expensive, but when you are at Dubizar you don’t have to worry about the price, because not only it gives away quality products but you also get them at the best price possible.
Graphics Card options to choose from
When you are at Dubizar you get plethora of graphics cards under wide price range, from top brands such as Asus, Zotac, Gigabyte, Sapphire and MSI. You can choose memory size between 1GB to 8GB and power consumption up to 350 W or between 400W and 650W. If gaming is your purpose, you can check the card based on the compatible games and your gaming profile – casual, enthusiastic or mainstream gamer.
So head on to Dubizar- the best online shopping platform – and order your graphics card for pc at the rock-bottom prices!


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