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Class action complaint goes after CenturyLink for up to $12B – CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE:CTL)


CenturyLink (NYSE:CTL) — beaten up Friday as an ex-employee sued, claiming high sales pressure led to false account approvals — now faces a class action complaint seeking up to $12B.

The new action looks to establish a class of consumers hurt by CenturyLink’s sales culture and cites the prior suit as well as similar accusations on the Internet.

“The fact that a law firm is trying to leverage a wrongful termination suit into a putative class action lawsuit does not change our original position,” said CenturyLink’s Mark Molzen, who notes Heidi Heiser (who filed the wrongful termination suit) didn’t report her concerns to the company’s Integrity Line. Heiser said she notified CenturyLink CEO Glen Post via an internal message board.

A named plaintiff on the class action complaint alleges he was charged higher fees than quoted, charged for a repair that was never made, and that he faces a monopoly situation with CenturyLink the only hardwired Internet provider available in his area.

Shares in CenturyLink and merger partner Level 3 Communications fell on Friday; today CTL is off 0.4%, LVLT -0.5%.

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