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When it comes to minimalism all the details are equally important. The true minimalism lovers love empty spaces and home dcor inspired by geometrical shapes and simple lines. The natural colors such monochrome, gray, beige and navy are always prioritized and allow to create the beautiful and clean space. Therefore, it is important to create the pleasing atmosphere at home so you can feel relaxed and create a space for recharging after a busy week. We have some minimalist look inspiration for you’re here combined with beautiful dcor pieces for your home.

Do you like denim? We do! Especially, we like the less ordinary pieces such as long denim skirts, which are always perfect for summer. You can easily combine those with your favorite basic knitwear and add some accessories such as chic sunglasses or hat. Finish off the look with classy white sneakers or flat sandals for the hotter days.

Stripe is definitely a universal pattern which goes well with any bottom you can think off. Wear the stripedjumperwith jeans or long skirts and finish the look with white sneakers. Classy Adidas superstars will do the trick! Complete your outfit with minimal jewellery and head accessories to feel comfy during the hot days.

You can wear the basic knitted jumpers in summer if you choose the shorter jumpers and light natural colors. Combine it with relaxed fit trousers or maxi/midi skirt for a lightweight and comfortable look. Finish the outfit with black neutral sneakers and bright accessories to add some color.

Long knitteddresscombined with a t-shirt or vest dependng on the weather. Wear it with sneakers to maximise comfort and grab the back pack to make those week busy days a little bit easier. Choose cat eye sunglasses for the trendy look. The maxi length always looks chic and feminine but it is very comfortable at the same time.

What about the white knitted vest for summer? It will allow you to feel perfectly balanced during the weather changes. Combine with your favourite bottom in a neutral colour for the ultimate minimalist look. Finish the outfit with a bright handbag and a pair of the trendy shaped sunglasses. Sneakers or slip-ons will go well with the look or you can go for espadrilles during hotter days.

Do you struggle to choose the perfect outwear piece for summer? Well, we have a proposal for you. White short waistcoat in lightweight knitted fabric will allow you to create the trendy multi layered look and feel comfortable during the changing summer weather. Combine it with the short or long sleeve t-shirt for the day. You can also wear it for the night out if combined with a dress. Nice and easy to match option to suit every outfit and occasion.

Do you have a basic knitted jumper in a lightweight fabric for more warm seasons? You should definitely consider this option for your basic wardrobe. Go for neutral colors and combine it with relaxed fit trousers, jeans, and even mini skirts. You can also create the different style of various occasions. Wear it with jeans for the summer park walk or choose the elegant wide palazzo trousers for the evening out.

Which outfit idea is your favorite? And how do you like to decorate the space around you? We pay a lot of attention to the minimalism as a lifestyle and express it not only in clothing. It is everywhere, and remember less is more.

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