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A Brief Note On Effects Of Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware is is a noxious program or code which is used for the cyber criminals for hacking information or data by locking screen of the computer. The process of locking screen is commonly called as encryption method or encoding. The main purpose of the ransomware attack is collecting money by the hackers. The hackers used a unique method to contact client. He or she give a ransom note to the victim which display on locked computer screen.

They demand the ransom amount via this message and give instructions to decrypt or unlock the files and folders. The installment is demanded in virtual currency to keep safe the hacker’s identity.

Ransomware is also called cryptovirus, crypto malware, or cryptolocker and is spread through infected software apps, malicious e-mail attachments, compromised websites and infected external storage devices. The ransomware change the victim’s login details when it lock the screen and encrypt all files to infect device and also other linked network device.

Ransomware kits allowed cyber crook with small and non technical background to buy inexpensive ransomware as a service (RaaS) programs and begin attack with very little attempt. Hackers use several approaches to force ransom amount from the victim. Some examples are here:

Victim receives a popup message or email which warn that if the ransom amount will not paid on time, the decryption code to unlock the files will be not given.

The victim may deceived into believing that he is the subject of the official inquiry. The victim found that he is get unlicensed software or illegal web content on his computer. The victim get nstruction that how to pay the ransom amount.

The hacker encrypts files on infected computer and makes ransom money through selling the product of the victim.

To take protection against ransomware attacks and other type of online blackmailing, the experts advice to get backup of all data and update software on regular basis like antivirus software. Avoid clicking on emails sent by strangers or open an email attachment. Also avoid paying ransom amount to hackers.The ransomware attack is impossible to stop. But one can save his data for future security by such steps.

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